Launching a new season of the Miami Filmmakers Collective, including several visits with Deborah Dickson. Deborah has 3 Oscar nominations, mostly for her years of co-directing films with Albert Maysles. She continues to direct/produce/edit her own work and co-directs the MFA in Social Documentary at School of Visual Arts in NYC.  


Deborah Dickson, three-time Academy Award nominee, is a non- fiction filmmaker whose over thirty documentary films have premiered at Sundance, Berlin and many other film festivals and have been awarded Emmys, the DuPont-Columbia Award, the Peabody Award and Ace awards. Her best-known films are LALEE’S KIN, THE EDUCATION OF GORE VIDAL, WITNESSES TO A SECRET WAR and RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. She produced the acclaimed 10 part series CARRIER and directed the companion feature, ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE. Her most recent project was as director of two films for Art in the 21 st Century. In addition to producing and directing, Dickson teaches directing at the School of Visual Arts Masters Program in Social Documentary.